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Oldfield's Seaside Cheese is made in our PEI government licenced and inspected dairy processing facility on the same family farm that The Great Canadian Soap Co. is located on.

Our cheese is aged from 2-6 months in black wax rounds, sliced like cake into triangles, and vacuum sealed for shipping and to prolong freshness. Cheese is shipped with small ice packs inside a waterproof bag (to prevent leaking) inside a cardboard box separate from non-cheese items. For orders shipping with both with cheese and non-cheese items, we will tape two boxes together to form one package. You will receive a tracking number by email when your order ships. You can also log into your account anytime to retrieve the tracking number. Please keep track your shipment regularly to make sure you receive and refrigerate your cheese upon delivery without delay. The cheese will ship with ice packs and even if the ice packs are completely melted, the cheese will be fine as long as it is refrigerated when it arrives. Soft cheeses may have some liquid whey separate from it. This is perfectly normal and can be drained off or stirred back in. Cheese may be frozen if you don't finish it by the "best before" date.

No tax on cheese. Not as shown in picture.

Only available for shipment within Canada to destinations where the courier guarantees delivery within 4 business days or less. Generally, this would include almost all addresses in PE, NB, NS as well as most major centres in Newfoundland, Quebec, and Ontario. If your order includes cheese, we will not ship it until a date that is guaranteed to arrive within 4 calendar days or less. For example, cheese orders taking 3 scheduled business days to arrive would only be shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure they arrived before the weekend when delivery is unlikely. Orders received with addresses requiring 5 or more business days in transit will be contacted so a refund can be issued or other faster shipping arrangements can be made.
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