Give the Gift of Goats Fund

We at The Great Canadian Soap Company know how great goats are and we're are thrilled to host The Great Canadian Goat Run, a Goat Raising, Goat Giving run. We're so thrilled in fact that our fundraising doesn't end with the Run. We are committed to fundraising for the "Give the Gift of Goats" Fund from the 2011 Great Canadian Goat Run clear through until the 3rd Annual Great Canadian Goat Run in November 2012!

We'll be accepting donations at our Shop and here through our online store (look below) as well as through our running employee, Alex "Runman" Bain. Alex will be gathering sponsors for his every racing Km between the 2011 and 2012 Goat Run through his Runman Blog. Even a pledge of a penny or a nickle per kilometre would add up! To give you an idea, Alex will have raced 471Km (259 miles) between the 1st & 2nd annual Great Canadian Goat Runs. A pledge of 5 cents/Km would total $23.55 for the year. A pledge of just 13 cents/Km would buy a goat! (Although he can't predict with certainty exactly how many kilometers he'll race in 2012, it shouldn't be too far off this number.) Alex will always run "For Autism" but for 2011-2012 he'll be running "For Goats" too!

Every $58 we raise will buy the life changing gift of a goat from
Oxfam Unwrapped and support Oxfam's livelihoods programs.
"Oxfam Canada works to find lasting solutions to poverty in more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas.... Your Oxfam Unwrapped gift will help people living in poverty gain greater levels of self-sufficiency and control over their lives and the future of their communities. "
Goats are one of the world's heartiest animals, adapting and surviving in extreme climates and environments. A single dairy goat can produce almost 100 litres of protein rich milk each month for the recipients and their families. But these goats are not about food security - they are about providing the recipients with a marketable commodity (milk), and the skills needed, to earn an income.  Two goats can produce 2 to 3 kids a year. With the first female kid of each gifted goat being given to another family, The Gift of Goats will keep on giving!
"Your gift also includes animal vaccinations, animal health training and instruction on marketing, meaning a single goat can create greater self- sufficiency, self-esteem and educational opportunities for recipients and their families. Each goat is purchased in the region where it is needed. Oxfam's program officers ensure that communities have the resources and training to take on the responsibility of animal rearing."
"Oxfam Canada stands in solidarity with women and men around the world, helping them with the tools and intangibles that empower them to become leaders in their communities. Our programs are designed to strengthen skills so that women and men are able to enjoy their rights, live lives of dignity and pursue dreams and goals."

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$1.00    Every Dollar Counts
$5.00    Five Alive
$10.00    Ten-Sational
$20.00    Twenty is Plenty
$58.00    One Goat
$116.00    Two Goats
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