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Love your products! If I could do it easily, I would give 5 stars for everything that I order, which includes a good selection. I frequently give your products as gifts and receive glowing comments back. Heather

I am a loyal and happy customer, not just because of the quality and
magic of your products but because of the risks you took and the extra hard work you put in to create healthy healing products for all of us. It's one thing to cook up a bar of soap in the kitchen for a summer adventure, quite another to do it day in and day out. Your tireless efforts, wonderful products, lovely farm and shop are a delight and blessing to me, and others, for which I am truly grateful.
Debby Baker, Nova Scotia

"Ma famille s'est rendue à l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard il y a quelques années de cela et nous avons parcouru l'île d'un bout à l'autre en bicyclette. Nous nous sommes arrêtés chez vous et avons achetés quelques savons et avons vus vos chèvres. Depuis, chaque année, mon mari m'achète de vos savons pour mon anniversaire de naissance... 12 savons: un pour chaque mois de l'année! Lorsque je me sers de votre savon, cela me rappelle l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard et les meilleurs vacances que j'aie jamais eues. Merci pour ces bons souvenirs!"

Angela Petsnick
Enseignante de 7ème année
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Hey there... We travel to pei every year for vacation, and the first stop every year after getting settled in is to get my goat soap from the Great Canadian soap shop....I try and load up enough to do me til the next year.. love the way it makes my skin feel.. I have very ichy skin on my legs and its the only thing that seems to help me beside something from my Doc...looking forward to getting more this year and to see the goats we had a great time with them last year .. they got out and I help to round them up.. one even decided to take a piece of my tshirt... which I still wear.. will always remember that little fella... lol...
Rene Denney
Nova Scotia...


Definitely a five star. Shipment comes in good time, and there is always a free product included. Every soap I have tried has worked amazing on dry skin. <y husband who has severe dry skin, has finally found a product that keeps it under control. The soap and the moisturizing stick work extremely well together. The best part of all is that these products are made with natural products. Highly recommend.

Linda Kaufman Schuknecht

  • "Venant de l'Alberta, j'avais des démangeaisons cutanées difficiles à soulager. J'ai essayé tous les savons et les lotions imaginables, sans succès. En touristes à l'Î.-P.-É. il y a quelques années de cela, nous nous sommes attardés à votre magasin au détail pour y acheter du savon. Depuis, je n'utilise que vos produits. Mes démangeaisons ont disparues! Je vous remercie de tout coeur pour vos merveilleux produits."

  • Kathy Harder
  • Alberta

Hi there

I recently purchased body soap, shampoo and skin cream from your shop and I have to
say that it works wonders!! My son has had eczema since he was just a baby and this is
the first of many products that that I have tried on his skin that has actually worked to
improve his skin condition. I will definitely be a regular customer for now on...No prescription
ointments have worked as well or as quick as these products have. I have a very happy 7
year old who no longer complains about itchy flared up skin:)

See you in within a week for a new supply

Kandice Robinson
Tyne Valley, PEI


Hi there,

I just wanted to say, "thank you" for the fantastic free lip balm - very cool! After becoming
addicted to your products on vacation in PEI this summer I was worried that I had left it to
long in ordering and may run out (!) but, my order arrived in record time so, now I can
shower without fear :) Looking forward to ordering more sooon!
Thanks and stay awesome!!!!


p.s. say, "hi" to the goats!

My sister lives on the North East Shore of PEI.....she's the Prince
Edward Distiller. In all the past years, she would brag about your soaps.
Last year we were visiting her and came by your shop. I loaded up
....especially on your "Super Soap" as my son was approaching the acne
years and I, having battled acne to my 40's, I was willing
to try anything to save him from the issues I had faced.
Well, your products are the solution to ALL Acne problems!!!! My son has
had MINIMAL acne issues so far as he uses your Super Soap when we are at
home.....when we travel and don't take it with us, we can see a severe
difference in his acne breakout.....your Super Soap is Awesome!
I have used your Super Soap and then used your Goat Milk Shea Butter Cream
and my acne has gone away!!! I so wish I knew about you back in the 80's!!!!
I have since "loaded" up on two separate orders since coming back home last
I honestly have tried to find a Goat Milk Soap outlet closer to home, but
none compare to the quality products that you have.....I will continue to
buy from you.....you have an AWESOME product!
Keep up the great work and look forward to visiting you again soon!

Courtney B


To all the fabulous people at Great Canadian Soap!

My name is Jenny and I'm 29 years old living in Ontario. I've been using Super Soap on my
face for about a year and a half now.
A friend of mine began using this soap, and gave me some to try. I immediately noticed how
soft my skin was and also how my humongous pores looked a little smaller!! Nothing that I
have ever tried has made such a difference in my skin. I have not had a breakout, not ONE,
since using this soap. And I especially love that you use all natural ingredients and milk from
your own goats!

I tell everyone about your great products. I now have 2 of my friends, my boyfriend, and my
boss using your Super Soap. I've also purchased Shampooch for my dog and she loves it too :)

Thank you for sharing your talents and efforts to make such great products that really
do help people!

Jenny Montgomery
Toronto, ON.

I always thought I had very oily hair. I wash my hair every morning, only to have greasy hair
by noon. It's been like this since I hit puberty almost 30 years ago. Little did I know I was
stripping my hair of all its natural oils by using commercial shampoos. I recently visited your
store and bought some of your products for the first time. After using your shampoo soap for
two weeks, I can honestly say the condition of my hair and scalp is like night and day. I still
wash my hair every morning, but my scalp and hair look freshly washed, even 12 hours later!!
I am so impressed. I will NEVER use commercial shampoo again.

I was on vacation this summer (Aug 2013) visiting Nova Scotia and PEI.

As we were driving past your store, I noticed your sign The Great

Canadian Soap Co. I just had to turn around and come in to visit.

I looked and smelt most of the products in the store. Then I watched

the presentation, which is very informative. Thank you for that. I

wanted to buy one of everything in the store..so I bought a few things

and I couldn’t wait to get home to Ontario to try them out..I absolutely

loved them. Especially the Triple butter creams, they feel so good on

my dry skin. No more itchy skin. I ordered more products on line and

couldn’t wait to receive my parcel. I am so impressed with your products,

I just placed my second order on line so that I can share with the family

at Christmas and let them try some of your product too.

Thank you for making such wonderful products


Sunderland, ON


My name is Dina Cormier from Grand Falls New Brunswick Canada...
I have a challenge with eczema on my hands and feet, and tried just about everything
to help it...
TO make a long story short...
It was my Birthday a few weeks ago and my best friend of 38 years ( Carole C )
Went on vacation in your beautiful province, stopped by your shop, bought me
some of your heavenly scented soap and even better your most AWESOME Shea Butter
hand cream. Wowzah wow wow ! Love it Love it LOVE IT!
Alleluia!! Finally, something that works great and smells so delightful!
Did I say it was AWESOME yet?? It's AWESOME!!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!
Really appreciate it! I've now got your web site on my desktop and will definitely
tell everyone. I know and will buy more of your products for sure!!
One of the best birthday present ever!
L00OOOoooooOOOoooOVE IT!
Great Stuff people!
Keep up the great recipe! It's Fabulous!!!
Sending you a New Brunswicker wave on my way out
Sincerely appreciative customer...
Your fans from Manitoba:
Hi, a couple of years ago my friend and I stopped in to visit the store while we
were on vacation and fell in love with the products...and the goats :) We each
left with an embarrassing amount of soaps, lotions etc! Well, now we've run out
and are putting in an online order....

Looking forward to those amazing soaps and lotions,
Jenn Heroux

Hello Friends,

I recently was at your shop and cannot tell you how much I loved

it!! Your staff is wonderful and actually after my first trip, I went

back to simply watch your presentation, (which was so very

informative) and ended up purchasing way more than I had ever

planned. Oh how I wish you were closer (for many reasons - more so,

wish I was closer to the east coast!) but will have to settle for mail order

(save up for that shipping). I can safely say that I will recommend your

products to any and everyone. Simply love them and your oh so sweet

goats! I carry a fair knowledge of 'pure' and organic products but I can

say that I learned quite a bit from your presentation...thanks for that.

Take good care to you and yours...




Just got back home to Penetanguishene ON,
I LOVE your product -- this soap feels so GOOD, my skin feels
soft, no longer the dried out menopausal prune.




We stopped in last week while on vacation from Nova Scotia, and it was a great experience. We are loving the soap, achey joint oil and cream we bought. The kids loved feeding the goats and bottle feeding the kids! Here are a few pictures.

Kind regards,

Patti Smith, NS


I'm so happy I stumbled across your website! I am really looking forward to trying your products! I have such a difficult time finding natural products that are healthy (our skin is like a sponge and it absorbs everything) and I try to be careful what I put on my skin! Thank you!


Kamloops, BC


I will be back again every year....looking foward to it! Take Care and Thank-you for the wonderful news letter each month. Love the "Natural" part of it all......the goats are so cute including the black one with no ears my son wanted a picture of him to take home with us (this particular goat had no ears yet he looked quite grown)

Lisa MacLean

Dartmouth, NS


I just love your products! I have been shopping at your lovely establishment since you had the little stand by the road!! It's been a 'must' stop for my girls and I when we visit the Island.
Thanks so much for your friendly, professional care for each and every need we have. I have 2 daughters with eczema, and your products keep their skin healthy and rash-free! Happy children result in happy parents :) Thanks again!
Mary Crandall
Salisbury, NB


Thanks Shelly!

We were in Brackley at Blue Waters Cottages from July 6-10/10 and we stopped into the shop again this year. We discovered your shop a couple of years ago and now it is a highlight stop on our vacation. We really love the shop and stocked up for the year for family members and some for ourselves. We like it as it feels great, smells great and is something to take home that you actually use and enjoy. Wish we didn’t have to wait until next year to visit again. Great job.

Shelley Smith

This note came from one of our monthly prize winners. For your chance to win, sign up for our newsletter! (See the links below or to your left)

Just to let you know I received my prize package today. Thank you so much, it contained 2 of my favourite products, shea butter cream and lip balm, I look forward to visiting your store in August when I will be visiting PEI.
Thanks again.



Hi, Just wanted to let you know that we continue to enjoy all of your products that we have ordered. Being totally spoiled now, we only use your soaps. Both of us have our favourite scents. I do have a couple of comments though, I would love to see a larger container of the goat’s milk cream (3 times the current size would be much appreciated); this is totally amazing!!

I really like the shea lotion but find that it is very difficult to get out of the tube. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated or perhaps a different container would resolve the issue.

Thanks and have a great summer.

Margaret Toni

We're aware of the issues with the Shea Butter Lotion and we're working on the best solution.


My wife, Kim, got me what I wanted for Father's Day : your mug of shaving soap! I
like it a lot!

Thanks to you for making it. Thanks to her for getting me what I asked for!

Guy Dobson


Kimberly in Saskatchewan sent us a lovely email that encourages us in our mission to help people live more comfortably and healthfully in their skins. Thanks, Kimberly!


I have purchased the wonderful soap that you make, both in person and online! We love the unscented bars in the shower and to use on our newborn daughter! She is now almost 1 year and has never had any skin issues what-so-ever! I'm a pharmacist by profession but I truly believe that personal care products contain so many toxins that they are worthwhile replacing with hand-made natural products.

I do have an inquiry regarding the liquid soap. Would you be able to make the goat's milk liquid soap in an unscented version? If so I would like to place an order for soap, lip balm, and liquid soap.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience!

Kindest Regards,

Kimberly Sentes

Regina, SK

(We told Kimberly that we can certainly offer our liquid soap without a scent, but we must tell you that the combination of ingredients on their own don't smell particularly inviting. That's why we have added scent oils to all the versions offered on our website. Do essential oils bother you or just the synthetic fragrance oils? All of the liquid soaps except Sweet Harmony contain only essential oils.)


Hello all at the Great Canadian Soap C.,
Here's a great scoop for all of you out there who have dogs. I ran out of dog shampoo so I washed the pit bull with some unscented goat soap and for a dog with sensitive skin, this stuff is GREAT. He is the equivalent of a redhead and is often prone to itchy, dry skin. Not now. He's shiny and silky and itch free and he smells much better too.
Thanks G.C.S.C.!
Jan Mcnichol and Gator

When we asked Jan for permission to print her lovely comments she had this to say:

Hi Amy,
No problem. Print away! Your soap worked so well for Gator and there are tons of dogs out there with sensitive skin who should be using your soaps. People should know this. Perhaps you should start a line of products for the stinky, four legged, family members.
Cheers from B.C.
Jan and Gator


Thank you for the Welcome email. It brought a smile to my face as I
fondly remember my vacation in the amazing Atlantic Provinces (our first
time....and NOT my last). I appreciate receiving your monthly newsletters
in the future. I'm hoping to win that fantastic prize in November!

shelly rulli in the Rocky Mountains of Canada


I'm just writing a quick letter to say that I enjoy your products very much.

I was recently in PEI and stopped in at your store. I purchased some soaps and some shea butter lotion. I am very glad that I did so because your products are phenomenal.
Thank you very much.
Miroslav Krsmanovic

Order Comments: absolutely love the soap!keep up the great job you're doing! hope everyone there is well and having a great fall.

Sherri Long

London, ON

We loved our visit to PEI this fall and I'm really loving my "new
found" soap.
Will be sending in an order in the next few months as I don't want to
run out.

Vancouver, BC
Delighted to receive your e-mail. I have put it in my "Favorites" so when I
get my Christmas gift list together I will have you easy to find. We do
love the soap we bought when we were in PEI this summer ..

Margaret Oden

Doing a Happy Dance in Seattle, Washington, as my order arrived today, it was well-packed, and I love the gift boxes they were packed in! So thankful for your soap product and my order’s safe arrival! My cousin and I ordered together, so she will be so excited when she returns home from her holiday to see our new soap is here...

Thanks much ~ Joan

Wendy and her husband visited our soap shop this summer and were so excited that Wendy added a link from her blog to our website. She has allowed us to print her comments from her blog:

The highlight of my visit to the Island was visiting the Great Canadian Soap Co. where I purchased MANY bars of soap made from goats milk. I learned that only a small percentage of "soap" on the market is truly soap, and that most is detergent made from harsh chemicals. My husband and I have been using this soap exclusively since getting back (and while we were on the road). I am sold on its quality, and I will be passing on my unopened bars of "soap" (from the grocery store) to anyone who is not interested in a quality product.

For years we have been purchasing anti-dandruff shampoo for hubby, and he still had problems with itchy and flaky scalp. He now uses the goats milk soap and has had no further problem with dandruff. The dry skin has disappeared from the back of my arms. I am very impressed! I will be posting a link to the site by the weekend.


My wife & I stopped at your store/factory today quite by accident. We are camping in Cavendish and on a rainy day were out for a drive. We stopped to see what soap made out of goat's milk was all about. What we ended up with was the most enjoyable experience we have had on this trip and probably the highlight of our trip. The reasons - 3 of them, the 3 young girls who waited on us. No rush, as much info as we needed/wanted and very pleasant.

Having worked with the public for well over 30 yrs, I know the client service is an extremely important part of business. It is also the best and cheapest form of advertising a company can have. The client service we received today was second to none. You should be very proud of these young ladies.

We ended up spending quite a bit more than we had planned, but it wasn't due to any pressure sales, it was because we recognized a quality product and took the opportunity to buy while we were there. We were also taken to the barn and "introduced" to the baby goats.

So from a couple from southwestern NB on vacation, I can tell you that these 3 ladies have made our trip a much more enjoyable experience. As for the product, I am sure it is all that you have advertised it to be and we will be customers again.

Thank you

Donna & Bob Clinch

St. Stephen, NB

Hi folks, just a quick note to tell you how much we are enjoying your
We were touring the Maritimes in September and October, and had a wonderful
week on PEI. We loaded up on soaps and creams for ourselves, family and friends
- they all love them!
Glad you have an online store, as we will be ordering more soon.
Thanks again for the information and great visit.

Attached is a little photo for your collection. I call it "Diana meets
Diana". Please thank Diana and her family for their support in this
Best Regards,
Diana & Ian Kent
Tsawwassen, BC
Ginny from Georgia, USA, sent this picture of Dianna. What a great picture! It shows Dianna’s true personality.
Thank you Ginny for sharing your comments and pictures.
I know you (visitors to our farm) have taken many pictures of our goats. I would love to post them. Please send them to [email protected]
Here is the email from Ginny:

Dear Friends at the Great Canadian Soap Co.,
Thank you for your email. I forwarded it to my daughter so she'd be able to save it in her address book as well. We had such a memorable & fun time while we were there. My 7 year old granddaughter laughed continuously with the goats.

Not only did we enjoy our visit with you, but I can already tell a difference in my skin! I'm a skin cancer survivor and my skin stays very dry and patchy. But, in just the week that I've been using your products, I actually look normal again. I can't wait to see what my dermatologist thinks.

I also agree that it would be a great idea to put up a map to record where all your guests visit from. We're from Georgia, USA, at Lake Oconee, an hour & half east of Atlanta. My daughter lives in Macon, south of Atlanta.

Anyway, thanks again for the fond memories & great gifts!

Sincerely, Ginny Spurlock
Anne McGlynn-Chiason question:
From Anne (with an "e")
Good day;

Could you please tell me your hours for the fall? My daughter will be going to PEI on Oct. 25th and I'd like her to stop in and get me some of your soap/shampoo.

Big question: What would you recommend (shampoo wise) for psoriases on the scalp. I am just now (a little slow in my old age --teehee) discovering the harmful effects of SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) on the skin. It is very difficult to find any shampoo that does not have it.

So this morning I looked at the bottle of soap I bought at your place this past summer, "Revitalizing" Liquid Goat's milk hand and body soap, and it is SLS free. YEAH!!! So I used it to shampoo my hair. Now I want to try the real deal - shampoo!

I look forward to your reply.

Anne McGlynn-Chiasson
(I also stayed in one of your cabins in July)

To answer your first question, Anne, we are open Tuesday to Saturday 9 AM to 5.PM

Sodium Laureth Sulphate is a forming agent in most shampoos and body washes on the market today. It strips your skin of the natural oils and leaves your skin dry and itchy. Here is the link to wikipedia to read more about SLS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_laureth_sulfate

The shampoos we make are a Goat's Milk Shampoo Bar and Goat's Milk Liquid Soap that can be used on your hair.
The Shampoo Bar scents are rosemary and lavender, geranium and lavender and tea tree and peppermint. The geranium and lavender would be the best for your psoriases. Personally, I like the hard bars to shampoo my hair. It takes a few extra seconds to lather but it lasts longer then the liquid soap. It also feels old fashioned!
If you would perfer a liquid, check our webstore at Goat's Milk Liquid Soap and Shampoo for the different scents.
If anybody has a soap story they would like to share, I would like to post it on my blog. Please email it to me at [email protected]

Thank you Dennis and Wanda for stopping into the soap shop. Dennis, thanks for sharing your fond memories about soap and the walk to school up hill both ways. ;)

Hello from Saskatchewan,
Well we have returned from our holiday to the Maritimes and have to tell you that visiting your soapshop was tops for us.. It brought back memories of my childhood when I would return home from our country school (a walk of one and three quarter miles--uphill both ways-WELL, not quite but there was a hill!!) and find on the old buffet a new batch of homemade soap cut into rough pieces ready to cure. Nothing special, just homemade, homestead soap but lovingly made by my mother. We appreciated the time that you took to explain about commercial products and to show us the ingredients that you use to make your very special soaps.
We have four grown children and for Selena our oldest we were having trouble completing her assortment of gifts so my wife added the piece of milled Lemongrass soap to her bag.
Selena was "very thrilled" with this and continued to smell it and pass it around for everyone to enjoy. It was very nice to talk to you and we really enjoyed our visit with the Goats as we left. We had milk goats on the farm when I was a kid so that brought back a few memories as well. Our one Nanny, a white Saanen, would get up on the milking stand and call to us when she wanted to be milked.
We moved off the farm a few years ago(we used to live on an acreage and had a honey farm) but we miss the farm and may move to an acreage sometime if the opportunity presents itself.

I was interested to hear that you are home schooling your children which I think is wonderful and would have liked to hear a bit more about that but it was late in the day.
Of all of the maritimes we really liked P.E.I.
especially since there are so many crafatmen/artisans to visit . I have to tell you that our visit to your soapshop was,unique and interesting and definately a highlight and we are really glad we stopped. Keep up the good work!! We hope to visit you again sometime.
Thanks again,
Dennis and Wanda Wood
Melfort Saskatchewan
Thank you for your e-blast. We thoroughly enjoyed our many visits to the Great Canadian Soap Co the times that we stayed at a relative’s Brackley Beach cottage. It was so close and the entertainment value for the kids visiting your sweet little goats was fantastic. Is Buttercup still roaming around? She was so adorable.

We still have a good supply of your soap in the cupboard from our visit 2 years ago. I believe it’s the Magnolia scent that my 14 year old is presently using. She swears by it for keeping her face blemish free.

Cori/Baltimore, Ontario
Thank you very much for your contact info and email newsletter. We had a wonderful holiday in PEI and hope to return in a couple of years. Meanwhile, we will certainly take advantage of your on-line store, now that we know the website. Our daughter and son are coming home for Xmas in a couple of days, and Nikki will receive the gift-pak we bought when we were in your store. We are currently using your bars and both us and some friends that we gave gifts to love them! Thanks again.
Michelle Einarson
Prince Rupert, BC
Good morning:
... Travelling through P.E.I. this past September and bought your soaps, loved them!! I ran out and tried some of the local ones in Ottawa but they do not compare. I'll wait to hear from you before I place my order.
Thank you and best wishes for a happy Holiday Season,
Rachel Bélanger
The WhitesThe White's stayed with us, camping
in one of our cabins. Chris tried our
Great Outdoor Spray and the mosquitoes
stayed away from his yummy mosquito
blood. Lynn's blood is not so yummy since
the mosquitoes do not bother her.
Lucky Lynn!

Thanks Janice for the email commenting on our soap. No worries, we will keep making Water Lily. This soap fragrance has one of the biggest followings. Here is Janice's comment:

My family used your soap for the first time last year on our trip to PEI. We bought a few bars and then I purchased some more online. I can't wait to til our next trip in June so I can stock up on our favorite scent....Water Lily. Please don't ever stop making it!
See you in a few weeks.
Janice Desmarais
Manchester NH


It is so lovely to hear our soap continues to help people with sensitive skin. Handmade soap is great for your skin but when you add goat's milk it superfats the soap. Superfatting equals moisturizing.

HearAboutUs: My father's family is from Nova Scotia, and every 5 years or so we have a family reunion on PEI. This past summer (August 2007) we were there and some of us stopped into the shop. I bought a number of bars of soap and I loved them! I have very sensitive skin and I've found that it's one of the few soaps I've ever used that leaves my skin feeling clean and not irritated. I'm on my last bar and so I thought I'd see if you all have a website that I could order from, and you do! So yes... I'm trying to replenish my stock of soap :)