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We ship all our packages via Canada Post at a flat rate of $15 within Canada ($10 within the Atlantic Provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
 is just $5 shipping) and $20 to the United States.

Overseas shipping is charged by weight and size of package, using current Canada Post mailing rates.  We will contact you with the shipping charge before we process your credit card.

SHIPPING IS FREE on minimum orders of $100 within Canada and $120 to the U.S!
  The great thing about placing larger orders is the added value you get from letting your soap cure longer!  (See the question about storing soap on our FAQ page.)

Soap is dense and heavy, and even the very smallest soap orders we have sent out have cost us $10.  (We sent a single lip balm in a small bubble envelope within Canada and it cost us $9.80!)  We do not make a profit from our shipping charges!